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Girlguiding events, adventures and regular meetings empower girls to be their best and become confident women.
WAGGGS - Information for our UK member organization.
Brownies is the second youngest section of Girlguiding in UK; for girls aged 7–10. They work in small groups called sixes. Each six is either named after Fairies or woodland creatures. A six is led by a Sixer and has a Second who acts as deputy. The Brownie programme is called the Brownie
Girlguiding Scotland is Scotland's leading charity for girls and young women, with 50000 young members.
Shop online at Girlguiding, the charity's own online shop, buy your uniform, gifts, badges and publications.
For effective administration of Girlguiding, the UK is split into smaller areas. At the top level there are ten Countries and Regions. The Countries are: Girlguiding Scotland · Girlguiding Ulster · Girlguiding Cymru · Girlguiding BGIFC = British Guides in Foreign Countries.