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Backstabber featured in the "Toon Resistance" article of the Toon News for the Amused! A
Guilt Trip is a signature Cog attack of the Back Stabber. Trivia This is the only tripping move
A street is a long path that connect to playgrounds, other streets, or a cog headquarters
20 Jun 2009 [Mostly] Toontown Central (Loopy Lane) Bloodsucker [Mostly] Toontown Central (Lopoy Lane) Double Talker Toontown Central (Loopy Lane), Lawbot 2+ Story Building Ambulance Chaser Daisy Gardens (Maple Street), [few] The Brrrgh (Polar Place), Lawbot 3+ Cog Building Backstabber Daisy Gardens
The Back Stabber, also widely known as the Backstabber, is the fifth cog on the corporate ladder of Lawbots. They range from level five to nine. The Back Stabber's weakness is the Big Weight because it dulls their cutting edge.
Backstabber is a cog enemy type in Toontown Online.
Hollywood Vice President Cashbots Short Change Penny Pincher Tightwad Bean Counter Number Cruncher Money Bags Loan Shark Robber Baron Chief Financial Officer Lawbots Bottom Feeder Bloodsucker Double Talker Ambulance Chaser Back Stabber Spin Toontown Legal Eagle Options Wig Chief Justice Bossbots
A clothing ticket is an item used for buying clothes in clothing stores. To obtain a clothing
Level 5 Cogs, Cogs, Lawbots, The Back Stabber, more widely known as the Backstabber, is the fifth Cog on the Lawbots corporate ladder. Backstabbers invading one of Donald Dock's streets during a mega invasion (specifically Ides of March).
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