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Heat peanut oil in a turkey fryer or a very, very large stockpot to 350 degrees F. Lower turkey into hot oil, very carefully, making sure it is fully submerged. Fry turkey for 3 minutes per pound plus 5 minutes per bird.
Southern States provides step-by-step instructions on deep frying your turkey, as well as suggestions to make it a feast your family remembers! Deep frying turkeys is frying the turkey.) A 24 quart pot will hold up to a 14 lb. turkey, a 26 quart pot will hold up to a 16 lb. turkey, and a 30 quart pot will hold up to a 20 lb. turkey.
12 to 15 lbs. whole turkey, room temperature. Cayenne pepper (optional). Instructions. 1. Begin heating the oil in a 10-gallon pot over a very hot propane flame outdoors. Don't set the burner to its highest setting, as you may need to increase the heat after you've Jeff reviewed Deep Fried Turkey on December 22, 2001.
This may be the first year you don't have leftovers! Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot tastier--and easier, too--thanks to the Butterball Digital XXL 22-lb Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. Equipped with a built-in digital timer and variable temperature control, this convenient countertop fryer takes the guesswork out of
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21 Nov 2008 The wife brought home a 22-pound turkey for me to fry at our party! I've done lots of smaller (15 range) birds but I think the only other time I did a bigger bird, the skin was somewhat overdone (naturally). Anyone done this? Can I lower the temp of the oil (350 is my usual target for 3.5 mins/lb then until the
The process of deep frying a turkey is relatively simple, but choosing the right oil for turkey deep fryers and figuring out how much to use is very important. If you're considering using a fryer for your next Follow the same steps for frying a 15 pound turkey to fry a 22 pound turkey. Keep in mind that larger turkeys take longer
Maintain the oils temperature at 350°F. For whole turkeys, allow 3 minutes per pound plus an extra 5 minutes. For bone-in turkey breast, allow 7 minutes per pound. For turkey legs and thighs, allow a total fry time of 16 minutes to 18 minutes for 6 to 8 turkey pieces.

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