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22 Oct 2010
12 Feb 2010 This freeware portable app allows you change the Windows 7 Start Orb or Start Button easily. Windows 7 Start Button Changer. Click on Select & Change Start Button to select a custom Start Orb. To restore the default Start Orb and explorer from the backup, click Restore Original Explorer Backup. NOTES:
7 Apr 2010 Click the orb on the right to select a new start button. Here we browsed to the sample orbs folder, and selected one of them. Let's give Windows the Media Center orb for a start orb. Click the orb you want, and then select open.
There are three different orbs for each set: neutral, hover, and clicked. Each replacement file will contain all three versions of the orb. Click the "Select & Change Start Button" button to choose a new file. The Windows 7 Start Button Changer program comes bundled with 10 replacement orbs. You can also download more
15 Oct 2016 By default, the start menu power button in Windows Vista is set to sleep mode. While this may be fine for some, you may want the power button to put your PC in hibernate mode or, more likely, you'd like the power button to simply shut down your PC. If you haven't changed the start menu power button but

28 Jun 2017 Or you might prefer to configure the hardware power button that's found on your Windows computer or device, to put it to sleep instead of shutting it NOTE: If you want to change what Windows does when you press the software Power button found in the Start Menu (in Windows 10 and Windows 7) or on
I am in the phase of customizing a Windows 7 image & i am bit stuck in changing Start Button Logo.. I don't want Download the Windows 7 Start Button Changer 2.6 , but it's not Recommended by Microsoft and another Software like this. Download I doubt that this can be done by using a registry setting.
By Woody Leonhard. Windows 7 lets you customize your Start Menu to make it work the way you want it to. You can make a number of changes to the Start menu, from adding or removing items, deciding whether to display recently opened items, and even control the way Windows responds when you click Start Menu
Windows 7. Open 'Ease of Access Center' press 'Windows' logo key + 'U' or click Start button 'Control Panel' + 'Ease of Access' + 'Ease of Access Center'. You change the setting to set the time a key is held down before it is recorded, click to select the time limit or 'Tab' to the drop down box and use the arrow keys or to