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Preparation: Shampoo the hair with the CHI Enviro Purity Shampoo. Towel dry hair at least 50% dry and comb smooth to remove any tangles. Section the hair into 4 sections. Use a tint brush to apply CHI Enviro American Smoothing Solution to hair ? inch from the new growth.
25 Sep 2017 Forget the Brazilian Blowout, check out this review of the CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment to smooth hair and eliminate frizz.
CHI Enviro Single Use Kit by CHI. $68.98. KIT Includes: 2oz CHI Enviro Purity Shampoo 2oz CHI Enviro Smoothing Treatment 2oz CHI Enviro Smoothing Shampoo 2oz CHI Enviro Smoothing Conditioner 2oz CHI Enviro Smoothing Serum CHI Enviro Instruction Sheet. Farouk CHI Silk Infusion , Travel Size (2) Fast Shipping
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Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment Instruction. Manual. Lolane Pixxel Keratin hair straightening treatment Cream 50ml KIT Free Shipping Refer to. Instruction Booklet Get it super-straight, create a little wave, or just Chi Enviro Smoothing. Treatment Virgin Resistant or color treated 16 oz FS. CHI Infra Environmental Cream

11 May 2011
It contains the perfect balance of silk required for colored/chemically treated hair types to achieve ideal smooth results. Typical results last up to 4 months. How To Use. Follow manufacturer's packaged instructions. What Does this Do. - Helps to smooth and straighten colored/chemically treated hair - Helps to eliminate up to
Weightless spray with pearl and silk complex that provides instant brilliant shine to all hairstyles.
Helps smooth and straighten virgin/resistant hair. Makes curly hair more manageable.