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Get Qualified for the job change. Keep in mind that you need to use a Rogue or Stalker class in order to change into a Shadow Chaser. The level requirement to start the quest is Base Level 99 and Job Level 70 or higher. 2. Go to Morroc City. Head to Morroc City using the Kafra Teleport Service. To locate a Kafra in the city,
The Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest is one of the toughest quest as you have to kill 3 monsters. Killing them is easy, but finding them is hard. What.
Advance from a Rogue or Chaser to a Shadow Chaser. No data yet.
4 Nov 2010 Hi guys here's the third Job Change quest and it's for Shadow Chasers. Anyway, the quest is quite long and it's advisable to have a companion with you to do it faster. Luckily I have my chars in multiple accounts and let my sis pilot some them and help me out on the task. I had some difficulty in doing the
27 Sep 2010 Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest - posted in Renewal Testing: I'm talking to the manager in Shadows Atelier, and he keeps saying I got the wrong answer for the puzzle. I'm typing in: SHADOWS ATELIER IN PRONTERA I've tried it both all caps and lower case and with/without punctuation, but he doesn't
11 Apr 2015 Shadow Chaser Job Change Guide - posted in Thief Class: SHADOW CHASER JOB CHANGE GUIDE 1. In morroc, speak to the Girl (morroc 156, 70) south a bit from the Kafra. She tells you about Shadow Chasers and tells you to go to the rogue guild. 2. Inside the Rogue Guild (cmd_fild07 196, 117),
this quest is piece of cake. toshi-yo! • 6 years ago. kayanin nyo guys, admittedly, mahirap. pde ng mag shadow chaser from 99 rouge. nagsama ako ng shura pra mkill ung mga monsters. 200k+ ung hp ng shadow of delusion. jerick • 6 years ago. pde po ba mag pa job change ang baby rouge na 99/ 50?? nato • 6 years ago.
5 Dec 2015
Foro de Ragnarok Online, donde encontraras respuesta a tus dudas, guias, etc: [Guia] Shadow Chaser Job Change Quest - Ragnarok Online: Thief Class: Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser.
9 Nov 2017 She tells you about Shadow Chasers and ask you to go to the Rogue guild. Girl-ShadowChaser.png. Inside the Rogue Guild. cmd_fild07196117. , proceed to the lower floor and speak to the Scary Man. in_rogue379101. in the southeast room. He will describe an encryption method to you and tell you

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