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Hey, I recently acquired a Ni and Bei (I believe purchased from JS) and I was hoping someone can tell me what size string they take? I believe they're with their factory string still which I hear holds up poorly. Also do any of you know their eye size? PM Email Poster. Top
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NO.67, Can Bei be purchased with the Zi body? 2015-11-29. NO.66, What size eye does Bei have? 2015-3-4. NO.65, How much to ship to korea? 2015-2-21. NO.64, Could you please tell me how much it would cost to send her to Adelaide, Australia 5113 Thank you Andrea 2013-9-27. NO.63, Can I order head only, in tan?
5 Feb 2012 I've found the 7-8 wigs to be too big for Resinsoul MSD--my 58cm Resinsoul ladies wear that size. 6-7 should fit it fits fine. My Sprite wears a custom fur wig so I can't say for sure what wig size he wears but the DZ wig fits my An. I'm not sure what my Bei is supposed to wear, but I believe she's a 5 inch.
13 Jan 2009 My white skin Elfkin male body arrived today but the wig that ibought for her (lati yellow the same, so 4/5 size) seems to be soooo large on her, would you please confirm me the wig size of BOBOBIE ELFKIN? thanks. :((((( and what about clothes, at this point, please? thanks. Hi there everyone, i'm from
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18 Aug 2009 I am interested in adopting an Isabella, and before I do, I wanted to ask what size manufactured clothes fit her, or what other dolls have clothes that are in Wig: 6" Eyes: 12 mm. Eyelashes: ? shoes: Narrow Yo-Sd shoes. The normal Yo-SD shoes are 2,5 cm wide. She needs them to be max. 2,2 cm wide.
11 Mar 2014 A selection of tips and money-saving advice for those new to ball jointed dolls - cheap bjd companies, alternative options, and other useful information. offer similar functionality in the form of interchangeable eyes and wigs, extensive articulation and, in some cases, identical ball-and-socket construction.
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