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As he grew into an adolescent, Glenn continued to dream of becoming a strong Dragoon, even though Dario was killed in 1017 A.D. Riddel and Glenn often accompanied one another on trips to venerate Dario at his grave in Termina. By 1020 A.D., Glenn had become a formidable member of the junior Acacia Dragoon
15 May 2001 For Chrono Cross on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by Zelda Dude. 2- The guide was updated with a new website which got permission from me to use this guide, the first parts of the interviews with the Japanese Chrono Cross players, .. You are now in the area that was the same as your dream.
23 Nov 2012 Disc 1 Walkthrough - Chrono Cross: Disc 1 Walkthrough. Click on the links below to jump to a specific section. Disc 1 (1st Half) Disc 1 (2nd Half)
27 Nov 2000 For Chrono Cross on the PlayStation, New Game+ and Continue+ FAQ by Nev. outlined, I will pursue any legal action necessary to ensure they do not infringe on the terms of use of guides/FAQs/walkthrus by myself or any other guide/FAQ/walkthru writers again. Our Planet's dream has not yet ended.
5 Mar 2003 For Chrono Cross on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL. ^___^ Please refer to the following guides at - DJellyBean's FAQ/Walkthrough - ATadeo's FAQ/Walkthrough - Ranma's Boss FAQ - CB!'s Character FAQ . Serge wakes up and finds out that it was | | | all a dream.
promptly passes out on the beach. Walkthrough. Chrono Cross Disc 1 Part 2. Everything is not what it seems, Hey doesn't anyone know me? Opassa Beach / Lizard Rock. Serge finds himself alone on Opassa beach. Except for the old lady from the village. Who does not seem to know him. Leave Opassa Beach and return to
3 Oct 2016 For Chrono Cross on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova. Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough ( ( [] | | ? / | | | | | Authored: Shotgunnova (P. Summers) \ \ // |_|_|_\_)___|_\_|___| Timestmp: 04/23/07 - 5/14/07 \ \// ______ Writt'In: Size 10 Courier New \ \____/?/ ____ WLK1 00) Dream Sequence .
For Chrono Cross on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 60 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs).
5 Feb 2016 Those who played Chrono Trigger should recognize this place as Lucca's house which has been turned into an orphanage. If done correctly, you'll get Kid's level 7 tech, HotShot. Visit Luccia in her lab for Lucca's letter which also includes a Rainbow Shell.
22 Jun 2017 EditFort Dragonia - Dream Sequence. The game starts with an FMV of a tower surrounded by statuary of dragons. We are introduced to Serge, Kid and a random playable character. The third member, other than Serge and Kid, rotates. Begin by heading right; the left side shows a power crystal. Continue