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9 Nov 2010 2009-10 DC Comics Official Style Guide Artwork. These are the drawings that the clients/advertizers/artists looked at for projects. The ones that are horizontal with 2 figures are done that way. I can make any of the smaller horizontal figures larger to a 11 X 17 vertical. All bluelined then inked in black on
Presented here are pages from the highly sought after, but never published for sale, 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. These images were used for . 2000 style guide art.' 'Unreleased 1979 DC Comics poster art with pencils by J. L. Garcia-Lopez, inks 'Superman Vs. Bizarro 2009 style guide penciled art. An inked and
Batman (Norm Breyfogle) This is the latest Truthful Comics blog entry and this month's topic is none other than Mr. Norm Breyfogle?. Enjoy and speedy recovery to my favorite Batman artist of all time! #GetWellSoonNorm #TruthfulComics #Batman
25 Aug 2015 We've seen bits and pieces before, but now thanks to the Facebook page Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Fans you can view the entirety of the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide, which features numerous character designs, color guides and model sheets used for marketing and licensing while also serving as
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Batgirl 2009 style guide art.
Raven - 2009-10 DC Comics Style Guide - By: Mike Mckone (Penciller) , Josef Rubinstein (Inker)
Gracias al dibujante y coleccionista Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez que ha decidido publicar algunas paginas de la muy buscada, pero nunca publicada a la venta, Guia de.
30 May 2013 by the company creating the style guide). The artwork in. this guide was created by. the mighty. George Perez,. who knows a thing or. two hundred thousand. about drawing comic books. UPDATE. there's a comment below claiming. that Mr. Perez only did the Teen Titans section. and the rest was drawn by.
27 Aug 2015 That owes to documents such as the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide, scanned and recently posted to a Facebook group for fans of comic-book artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Having spent most of his career with DC Comics, caretaker of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many other well-known and

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